Allard EGR Delete Kits

Why Remove the EGR Valve?

When your cars original EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) system becomes blocked, dysfunctional and effects your economy replace it with the Allard EGR delete kit.

A simple easy to fit, do It yourself option in most cases. The Allard EGR delete kit removes all the problems associated with a faulty or leaking EGR systems:

  • Replaces the EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) valve assembly for improved performance, thermal efficiency, fuel consumption and smoke emissions.
  • Eliminates tar and sediment build up inside the inlet manifold, which in turn reduces air flow effecting the fuel/air mix.
  • Improves thermal efficiency by reducing heat build up in the inlet manifold.
  • Has no internal restrictions like the original EGR valve assembly.

The Benefits of EGR Removal

All these benefits combine to give improvements in overall fuel consumption and performance with a reduction in exhaust smoke.

Improves performance
by removing restrictions to the inlet manifold, allowing more air flow into the engine.

Improves thermal efficiency
by reducing manifold temperature and air temperature in the manifold.

Improves fuel consumption
with a leaner mixture,which is created by the greater mass of air passing into the engine.

Improves exhaust smoke emission
by increasing the air mass being consumed by the engine.